Just had a fantastic evening in the Rudolfinum - one of the world's great (and very photogenic) concert halls- which was very full of very attentive and very enthusiastic people. The first concert ever in this hall was in l896, conducted by Dvorak. We'd still be there doing encores ( we did 2) if we didn't have to get up tomorrow morning and keep moving towards Russia. Prague is one of everybody's favorite places to visit, including now the 3 who had never been here before - it's beautiful under a very light dusting of snow, and l9 degrees or so. Eric had ice on his mustache, and we're all getting out our extra layers for the next stop. We will arrive in Moscow about 11pm tomorrow night - it's three hours ahead of where we are now.
Some interesting news: our concert in Mariinsky II in St. Petersburg will be streamed live, which means 7am on the West Coast and 10 am on the East. But that's in a few days, for the moment we're enjoying a wonderful, if too brief, time in Prague.