Our fifth mission of this series was the Mission San Luis Obispo which is in the center of town. Built in 1772, it has always been famous for its bells. A lovely summer Friday and graduation weekend at Cal Poly made for a lively evening. LAB wasn't there to sing beforehand, which was a good thing, probably, as there was a country and western band called Lucky Horseshoe entertaining in the plaza before our show, and the band at one of the nearby restaurants gave us some competition during our concert. Luckily our audience was tolerant, and gave us a standing o. at the end. It seems that after a few years of regular appearances here, we know a fair number of people in San Luis Obispo, and this is where Professor Craig Russell lives, so it was a friendly crowd. Including Kory's grandmother! This all too quick tour will end tomorrow evening in Santa Barbara - our first time including them on our mission tour.