With Fred Scott, our new Music Director, we prepared a beautiful ( we think) and challenging program of music from the Spanish Renaissance.  There's a whole mass by Cristobal de Morales in it, as well as a fantatic mini-opera about sailors by Mateo Flecha, and lots of other wondrous things.   So far we've performed it in Santa Clara  at the mission and Berkeley at St. Mark's Episcopal.  Tonight at the Mission Dolores Basilica in San Francisco, tomorrow in Sacramento, and next Wednesday at St. Stephen's in Belvedere.  This kind of program brings out the early music lovers - many of them very longtime fans from the few early y ears when all Chanticleer did was early music.   It's all new to Fred, and fun to see him become a member of the family and a Californian.  On a little side trip he met up with Craig Russell in San Luis Obispo.  Craig has been a member of the family since we became part of the revival of 'Mexican Baroque' music in the 90's.  We're committed to Craig's project of exhuming and making known more and more of this music, continuing in May 2016 when we will do another tour of the California missions, preceded by a little tour of missions in Bolivia!  Stay tuned.