New Soprano Nate Pence is having an unusual start to his Chanticleer tenure. Apart from our recent swing around home, he's only toured to Europe - his first tour being France, Germany, Italy in August ! That will soon stop, but meanwhile, after a flight via SAS from San Francisco to Copenhagen, a short hop to Sweden and a bus ride, we are now in Orebro, Sweden, where the autumn colors are out. Monday is our first concert of this whirlwind tour of 9 concerts and 2 events for students - our first time in Sweden in l0 years. Eric's the only one who has been here before. A foreign tour in October is a bit unusual, but we're good with it, and spent today ( Recovery Day) seeing the town.Orebro Castle is next door to our hotel, and there's an open air museum as well ( photography by Cortez.)