Pouring down rain and gusty today - people came down from Connecticut and New York State, and even as far away as Houston with extreme difficulty. Still both performances at the Metropolitan Museum of Art were jam packed with very enthusiastic audiences.  Our Christmas retail season is good so far, with "A Chanticleer Christmas" doing very well with us as it is with Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  ( We mention this because our Christmas sales are an important ingredient in keeping us going all year long.)Casey and Brian set up in the Met lobby for the between show crowds who start waiting several hours before the concerts.

Good concerts - again very positive response to the new Sandstrom piece "The Word Became Flesh."  This run is over so quickly this year with only two nights - it seems strange.  Don't tell anybody but the mascot we adopted a few months ago (whose movements are chronicled our our twitter feed) was found amongst the famous creche ornaments by the tree.

Tomorrow we tape for TODAY - broadcast date still to be determined -  we'll see you at Rockefeller Center.  No reportage of us at 5am going to NBC in the dark - this time we're leaving the hotel at 10am and taping at noon.

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