Winding down our time here at home, here we are being outdoorsy amongst the California Redwoods in the Armstrong Woods in Guerneville on the Russian River in Sonoma County. This was a benefit for the Park. The venue was amazing. The amplification was actually OK (we don't love being amplified...) we had delicious home cooked food and there were some lovely volunteers there to help us, and everyone seemed very enthusiastic about having us there. Unfortunately not so much that three of us didn't get misdirected into the pitch dark for an hour in the woods afterwards on the way back to the car with the CD suitcases. Good thing there's not audio of that... A local choral group went on before us, a comprehensive speech about government park funding was made, and there was a four-man bluegrass group playing at the entrance, which blew us away! It's the least we can do for those glorious trees and the people who take care of them. The kind of evening we will long remember.

Our dressing room - we didn't actually put up the tent ourselves, but we'd like to think we could have.