Singing in the Schools ( SITS) is Chanticleer's oldest educational program, founded in l986.  The ensemble, our Music Director, and Education Director do as many in-school clinics as as they can during the school year.  Education Director Ben Johns found himself in Gilroy the other day at Christopher High School. It happened to be "Greek mythology day" - thus the garb.

This was on Tuesday, when I spent a day with Phil Robb, who splits his day teaching at Gilroy and the newly constructed Christopher High School. The Gilroy HS chamber singers participated in our Youth Choral Festival last Fall and they're about to tour Vienna, Bratislava, and some towns in Hungary.
Last night I got to work with two groups from the Ragazzi Boys Chorus, and this morning worked with a middle school in Lafayette to help prepare them for next week's CMEA festival - Ben.