That totally intense program called Skills/LAB came to a triumphant conclusion last Saturday with a concert displaying the achievements of the small ensembles and the whole group. Education Director Ben Johns was very pleased with everything and everybody, and we think that this very hard working week we offer to help students steadily improve their skills is a great addition to our education program. Meanwhile we are diving into our Siren's Call music. While we loved "Love Story" a new program was very welcome indeed. "The Siren's Call" has an entirely different mood and some exciting music some of which will be new to you. Scan the photo below and you will also see another new new thing about this season: tenor Michael Bresnahan, replacing Matt Curtis who has gone on to pursue other musical activities.

Ruriko Miura helped us with Japanese diction and the character of the song "Sohran Bushi," a worksong for Japanese fishermen in the north of the country. She is the Music Director of Chorale May, an all-Japanese ensemble here in SF.