A day in the life...the road leads from our little corner of Prague (our hotel on the right, our bus, and the Prague State Opera straight head) of which we had become fond in the last couple of days.



During our 331 kilometers to Bratislava ( it's wonderful how close these major cities are in this part of europe) we stopped for lunch.



We checked in at our hotel - same one as last time - so we're prepared for the taxidermy museum which is the breakfast room. This hotel has the essentials! mainly a free and healthy wi-fi signal.



Then over to the Slovak National Theatre, for warmup.



Vince Peterson's arrangement of Freddy Mercury's "Somebody to Love"  continues to be a boffo program ender!  Also in the American category, we continue to enjoy singing our Sametz and Paulus pieces, and they seem to be much appreciated.  Lately of course, we've been getting a big reaction from the Richard Strauss songs, since everybody can understand the words and the jokes.


A performance for the very nice audience, many of whom had seen us two years ago. We are getting used again to the customarily very reserved response in this part of the world. they applaud long rather than loud, and keep their emtoions on hold until the end. It all ended very well. The American Ambassador ( there wasn't one last time we were here) gave us a little reception, home to bed, and repeat tomorrow .

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