The sun shone on most of our free day in Stockholm which came just at the right moment to rest us up for the last two days of this jam-packed tour. Those three indefatigable tourists Matthew, Cortez, and Michael headed out early for the Vasa Museum which is fantastic - a gorgeous ship from the era of some of our earliest music ( 17th century) which was launched with great fanfare, sailed for 20 minutes then capsized and sank. It was dredged up in l961, meticulously preserved, and amazing to see. The ABBA museum is nearby, and who could resist. The Royal Palace is another great attraction, where Marques spent most of his day being sure to see everything which will be thoroughly documented on Facebook. . The culinary thrill seekers ( e.g. Ben and Eric) had a memorable dinner in a starry restaurant with six courses, but no wine, since the price of alcohol in Sweden is something you wouldn't believe. It's a fascinating city and we're glad we had some time to see it before shoving off for Vara where apparently we are going to stay in a castle.