The day dawned sunny - the first on this tour- enabling us to become our summer selves for our jaunt back to Trier. Luxembourg being  shut up tight for a holiday honoring the Assumption of the Virgin  just about everybody in Luxembourg also headed for Trier.

We'll be in Italy briefly in a few days.  Adam's ready.  Off we went to see the Roman gate Porta Nigra

Casey is very studious about what is around us and reads to us from his guidebook

Remembering Cortez being engaged against his will by a faux monk in not so faux medieval swordplay in a medieval setting last time we were in Germany ( not to mention his operatic origins)

Impossible to resist ( and why would you) the various delights on offer all around us

The pretzels were warm and unctuous

Apples were involved in this

Quarkballchen come in fives


A very satisfactory day.  We leave at 11am tomorrow for Kiedrich and our concert for the Rheingau Music Festival.