Chanticleer has been touring in Germany for over 30 years. Our first German audience of this tour greeted us with all the enthusiasm of the choral music enthusiasts and long-time fans that many of them are at our sold out performance for the Kultursommer Rheinland Pfalz. the St. Georg Kirche was a good space to sing in, and the energy of the audience was inspiring. Tomorrow we go a short distance to Bernkastel-Kues for our return to the Mosel Musikfestival in Kloster Machern. It's a wine region here; in lieu of flowers tonight we all got a bottle of the local product. The Landhotel here was a nice and very quiet place to stay; we were treated to two very good meals in the restaurant including at 11pm on our arrival yesterday; we were very touched the everybody stayed up to make sure we were fed.