After a well-received concert in Kentucky (our presenter described it as "the most successful event in twenty years of concerts"), we drove almost four hours to Cincinnati yesterday to arrive at our hotel shortly before warmup. The hotel was under massive, dusty, noisy renovation inside--so much so, we might not have recognized it if our GPS units hadn't delivered us to the right address. After ironing our tuxes we arrived comfortably in the gorgeous cathedral of St. Peter in Chains, in downtown Cincinnati. The resonant acoustics and serene atmosphere of the cathedral are always wonderful, but especially so after three days of travel that can only be described as epic. The Cincinnati crowd is very accustomed to good music, and they have high expectations. The union of the room, our voices, and an eager crowd left us with another memorable evening in Cincinnati, and one of the best concerts we've sung this season- Jace Special thanks to Tony, our friend at Great Music in a Great Space--we perform each season under their auspices, and we always look forward to it.

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