It was a wild night at Disney - what an enthusiastic and great audience! Fortunately it wasn't a wild day. You can't often go between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in either direction, without some kind of trauma. Last time we flew down on a concert day our flight was cancelled, Cortez' luggage ( including concert clothes) went to the wrong airport and Tour Manager Brian had his hands more than full. Today our karma was good and it was a beautiful flight - always good when there's a concert in view. The decoration on the stage at WCDH was especially lovely this year and made a great backdrop for the candlelit portion of our program. The audience - which included many familiar faces who have been coming to Disney for a long time, friends, family, and an old colleague -went kind of crazy at the end, and we did two encores.

Tomorrow we fly back to SF to rest up for Oakland on Friday night, San Francisco on Saturday night, and Petaluma on Sunday. Is it hard and grueling and fun and highly rewarding ?- yes, all of that but it's not for the faint of heart. Next week Michael Bresnahan will blog about joining Chanticleer and his first Christmas tour.