After a lovely performance in Ravinia, we did a 'fly-sing' to Ottawa. That was a day that had given us some concern on paper but that went swimmingly. Yesterday we were to leave Ottawa, fly to D.C. and on to Albany to get to Tanglewood, in Western Massachusetts. Well, not so fast. A major weather event over upstate New York took out Albany in a tangled sequence ofpostponed and cancelled flights, waiting for luggage, Brian's luggage going to Albany anyway, vouchers for replaced flights which didn't go anyway and more. After a frenzy of re-organization, we spent the night at Dulles airport, and came on to Tanglewood by bus starting at 7.45 this morning, and arriving at 4pm. Not the way we would have chosen to spend the day of an engagement to which we have looked forward all year. Our last appearance in Ozawa Hall was in 2008, so we were really ready for it. Storm clouds gathered as we rehearsed, and the people sitting on the lawn who are incredibly hardy, put up their umbrellas and hunkered down under rain which lasted on and off much of the first half of the concert. Still, it was wonderful to sing in the magnificent acoustic of Ozawa Hall, and seeing the people outdoors under their ponchos and umbrellas made it even more special.





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