Our 10 1/2 hour bus ride today included no traffic to speak of, beautiful blue skies,  warm temperatures, and, as we got into Austria about 5 hours after leaving Wiesbaden the scenery got more and more magnificent. The next three concerts take place in mountainous areas of Austria, Italy, and France.

We arrived in Villach, Austria in the dark, but it looks promising from our windows - we're on a river-  and we have until 5pm tomorrow before we depart for Tiffen!

The major stimulations of our bus day were when Eric unwrapped some of the mountain of charcuterie given him by his in-laws last night and various interchangeable rest stops provided some entertainment.  We're already looking for gifts to bring home to our loved ones...

On a day like today you get your exercise and entertainment where you can - thank god for computers which enabled  Brian to mix music, Matt to work on his musical website,  and Alan and Matthew to study chess.