A very full house in Oakland was very appreciative of our new program "The Boy Whose Father Was God" and found it provocative as we had hoped on the subject of the whole life of Jesus of Nazareth - each piece illuminating a different stage, starting with his birth and childhood.  This program included almost all music new to us including three world premieres. Two of the composers-Ilyas Ilya and Peter Michaelides- were present.  Ilya gave us an Aramaic setting of the Lord's Prayer which comes just before the Crucifixion as imagined by Michaelides.  Roxanna Panufnik wrote about an episode from Jesus' childhood.  She's flying in from London to join us next week.

A number of people found it impressive enough to think about coming again next week in San Jose or San Francisco.  We hope they do.

As you know Eric lost his voice last week  to viral laryngitis. Laura McLellan - sitting on the front row and therefore not in view of the audience- discreetly filled in some of his tones on the cello. Eric appeared on stage to help  fill his usual role in helping keep things together from the bottom of the arc.   We're hoping he'll be fit by next Thursday.  Laura will join the concert today in Sacramento.