Last Saturday night, LAB X appeared in all its finery to help and mingle at our annual benefit party, held this year at the beautiful City Club.  It was a good evening, and we thank LAB for their help.

Deep into the performance part of its session, LAB X started the day today at Hoover Middle School singing for the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Choirs.  There's quite a musical culture at Hoover; orchestra and band also feature in the curriculum.  Not many schools are so lucky.

After a short performance of its Piracy and Treasure program for the middleschoolers, LAB listened to their advanced choir and Ben made a few suggestions.  Then everybody in the room sang the chorus to one of LAB's sea shanties.

LAB went on to San Francisco Waldorf, and will be going to Lowell High School after lunch. Sunday they will appear at a Monteux Society event in Davies Symphony Hall.  LAB's last appearance for this group was much appreciated, and they were invited back.