Nate Pence made his debut in Chanticleer just now in our dress rehearsal for donors, friends, and the Skills/LAB students.  St. Mark's Lutheran is the perfect place for such an exercise and we're very grateful to them for their ongoing hospitality.  "The Gypsy in My Soul" is a meaty and exotic program in many languages:  lots of Hungarian, our first essay in Serbian, Portuguese, and the usual French, Italian, and English.  Under the direction of William Fred Scott, the program also new  features arrangements by two present ensemble members, Ben Jones ( Bacchianas Brasilieras) and Brian Hinman ( Swing Down Chariot) as well as old and venerable arrangements by Joe Jennings ( Journey to Recife, Balm in Gilead) and Hungarian Folk songs arranged by Evan Price and Stacy Garrop.  It's a six course meal with many different flavors.  This time next week we'll be singing it in France.

Meanwhile Skills/LAB has kept up its incredible 10 hour a day pace and is now rehearsing for its debut and farewell concert tomorrow night at St. Marks.