Sound installations by the geniuses of Meyer Sound are beginning to be everywhere, Soundbox in San Francisco being one of the splashier openings lately.  They have also designed a system for restaurants which primarily serves to address the issue of noise in restaurants - a big issue these days.  In a restaurant with this acoustic system, you can hear your dining companions better, and everybody else less.  The system also has 9 settings to recreate acoustical settings in which music might be performed.   Last night we had a benefit for our education program in the East Bay at Oliveto one of the first Bay Area restaurants to install the system.  We demonstrated the Cathedral setting with Victoria and Byrd, the symphony hall setting with Poulenc, and the room ( perhaps a jazz club) setting with songs by Peter Gabriel, Gershwin, and others.   Many people professed themselves 'blown away' by the effect of hearing a cathedral reverb in the restaurant. Oliveto's food was also very good, as it always is, and the company was great.  Perhaps we'll do it again.