But San Franciscans know that Mark Twain was right about summer in San Francisco - it was freezing cold with a light fog swirling when we embarked on our mission road pilgrimage last night in San Francisco. Undeterred, a very full house arrived. Early music programs, especially those in the Mission Dolores, bring out the really long-time fans from the beginning who think that Chanticleer was made for this kind of music. It could be that Salazar's "Salve Regina" will be the hit tune of this concert ( as " Para dar luz immortal" was of the 2008 mission program.) It's sumptuous. Rather Handelian solos by Cortez ("Ya la naturelaza redimida" and Ben "Alegre luces del dia") were much applauded, despite the general interdiction against applause during the program. It works better that way for this kind of program, but you can't blame people for wanting to acknowledge exceptional individual moments! LAB Choir ( below warming up, watched by Antoine Plante, Music director of our program) started out serenading the arriving public - as would have happened long ago when the goal might also have been to entice people in. They braved the cold for a while and then we brought them indoors.

We look forward to doing this again today at the Mission San Jose in Fremont, which is an amazingly faithful and moving replication of the original mission there, and we're hoping for warmth!