Our performance in Missoula a week or so ago was the same night as a late-breaking Pearl Jam concert benefitting a political candidate in Montana.   Because of this concert our presenter had had to move us into a smaller ( but really great) venue.  In his introductory announcement Casey had remarked that some of us had been to see buffalo but there weren't any -likely, he said, because they were standing in line for the Pearl Jam concert.  We were amused to see this from the Missoulian ( newspaper which was one of the sponsors of our concert) - expression of mild outrage that that newspaper didn't review our concert.  It just reached us and caused us to remember those great few days in Montana - sold out concert in an intimate venue with good acoustics, and our trip to Glacier National Park - a day on which some of us spent 14 hours in the car to see this fantastic piece of America.  We regretted not a minute of it, even our 1am arrival in Moscow, Idaho, later the same day.