Here we are, including two new members soprano Kory Reid and bass baritone Matthew Knickman, with our first audience of the 11-12 season.  After three weeks of doing this every day from 10.30 to 3.30

We invited some an audience in ( thanks to the kind people at St. Mark's Lutheran for providing the space) for a final dress rehearsal of "Love Story" - this year's program which - before it's all over -  will have gone three times to Europe and all over the U.S. It was a warm and welcoming audience of board members, donors, many of our ushers, about a dozen of the students starting our new Skills/LAB tomorrow, and residents of St. Mark's.

The program features music by de Vivanco, Durufle, Lesur, Jannequin, Richard Strauss, Whitacre, Tavener, new things by Steven Sametz and Stephen Paulus,  Duke Ellington, Harold Arlen AND, to add to the pop end of our repertoire, Freddy Mercury.  Vince Peterson, who arranged Cells Planets for us last year, has done a rousing version of "Somebody to Love" written by Mercury and introduced by the British rock band Queen.  It had a successful debut as the big finish to the concert!  Friends and family in the audience wished us bon voyage - we leave for Europe Monday night.  "Love Story" will have its official debut in Germany on Thursday in Germany.  Stay tuned for news of our European adventures as we take on Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Poland, and Edinburgh.