Congratulations to one of our favorite composers, Mason Bates, who has just become the youngest winner of the hefty Heinz Prize.

We first commissioned Mason a few years ago after we won a grant  from the Gerbode Foundation here in the Bay Area where we and Mason live.  That composition -"Sirens"- was in five very different movements, and we haven't done a program since that didn't include one of them.   "Stelle" has become an audience favorite.   For "The Siren's Call" we're bringing back "Die Lorelei" from "Sirens" which of course is perfect for our theme.   We really admire Mason's original compositional voice, and hope we can work together again.

Also perfect for this program is Jakko Mantyjarvi's fantastic piece "Canticum calamitatis maritimae"  - the Latin-language reporting of a Finnish radio station ( which still broadcasts in Latin) of the sinking of the cruise ship "Estonia" in 1994 losing over 800 lives.

Lots of maritime drama in this program, as well as reflections on the seductive siren voices we all hear which do not necessarily involve water.  We hope you'll enjoy it.