Since we saw you in La Jolla, we've been working very hard on our next program "What do you think I fought for?"  .  We've prepared Shulamit Ran's "Credo"  ( with Kristina Boerger,) Melissa Dunphy's "What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach" and Shawn Crouch's "The Gardens of Paradise" ( with Jace Wittig), and Egil Hovland's "Jerusalem" and Brent Michael Davids'  score for "Leatherstocking" with Elena Sharkova.

This last is a score written for our orchestra of voices by Brent to accompany a short silent film by D.W. Griffith from l909.  Elena will be conducting to  keep us together with the film - and that's easier said than done!  We've certainly never tried before.  

To use the click track or not?  More on all that when we've done the dress rehearsal tomorrow.  If you're in the Bay Area, you'd better be there!