It was rather seriously rainy and foggy on our drive of a couple of hours from Culver City to La Jolla for our annual appearance before a friendly sold out crowd at St. James by the Sea.

Adam and Casey were wondering whether their merch table would be rained on while they sang "Out of this World"  in the warm and cozy confines of St. James...

It wasn't and they had lots of traffic.  That IS the Pacific ocean in the background

Lovely show, nice people - we love seeing them every year.  Many of them apologized for the weather (this is a temperature - you know, low 50's- at which Southern Californians feel that they're freezing) but we had to say - it's really perfectly OK - by this time tomorrow we will be in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  We'll be there for a couple of days for  a concert and a Youth Choral Festival at Viterbo University, alma mater of Matt Curtis.  So for the moment - good bye to California - we'll be back soon!