Jace reports on events in Fresno

"The crowd at the concert on Tuesday night was absolutely wild by the end of the concert, which was great.  Good hall for singing too.  I'd say the audience was between 30% and 50% students; mostly high schoolers.  Hard to tell the exact percentage because the attendees were from mlots of different schools ( tried to survey, and got a different school name from just about every teacher I asked).. so they were peppered all over the audience which gave us a HUGE response.  The ensemble was in the lobby signing programs and CD's until almost 11pm.

Yesterday's masterclass was, at least from where I stood, very successful.  We heard an impresive amount of really high quality high school singing, and the college choirs from Fresno State were also very very good.  All three high schools from Clovis were pretty remarkable - prepared and responsive, engaged, well dressed, and ready to work! "
The workshops, led by Jace,  took place in the Paul Shagoian Concert Hall where our concert had been.  A warm and intimate hall of about 700 seats where you can hear everything all the way to the back row.  Lucky Fresno to have it!
Photos by Casey Breves


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