Over the weekend we performed "The Siren's Call"  three times ( 2x in SF, and once in Santa Clara) for the Bay Area audiences which go back so far with Chanticleer ( some to the very first performances) and who always send us off on tour bouyed by their genuine love and affection, and happy anticipation of Christmas, the next time we'll see them.  They seemed to like "The Siren's Call" a lot, as did Joshua Kosman of the SF Chronicle in this review.  Another veteran San Francisco music critic, Paul Hertelendy, also  approved on the Artssf Site. Hits with audiences so far are for sure, Vince Peterson's "Temptation" arrangement,  Chen Yi's "I hear the Siren's Call" and Jaakko Mantyjarvi's stunning piece about the wreck of the Estonia in l994.

Eric's number one fan ( who is extremely discerning)  liked "Somebody to Love" ( now an encore) and Chen Yi's piece the best