LAB 6 got on the road ahead of us and has been performing their program "Music of New Spain" around the Bay area for a while.  Now known as LAB 6.5, they are today ramping up their preparation under their Director Ben Johns, and talking the logistics necessary to join us on our Mission tour coming up in June.  They'll be giving pre-concert performances outside a number of the missions, to bring our audiences into the musical and historical spirit.

We're starting rehearsal on Monday with Antoine Plante,  of Houston's Mercury Baroque who will direct our Mission Road program.

(Ben broke his shoulder skiing a couple of months ago.  This hasn't prevented him from conducting our Youth Choral Festival in Darien Connecticut last month, or rehearsing LAB on Saturdays, or visiting numerous Bay Area schools for clinics but we're still hoping he can get rid of that sling soon.)