Again because of the repercussions of the Lithuanian cancellation, a day off appeared on our schedule yesterday, here in the North of Italy. While the rest of Italy is paralyzed with snow and ice, this corner seems to be OK. Very lucky for us. A few of us - like Matt Curtis - elected to have a quiet day in Brixen - Matt always has lots to do on his very very large computer...

20120210-020033.jpg 8 of us, on the other hand, inspired by the endless energy of Casey for seeing everything everywhere all the time, got up at the crack of dawn to take a train to Venice - a journey of close to 4 hours. Only Gregory had ever been there before. It was a beautiful day, not so cold - about 40F - with no crowds - we explored for six solid hours - it will have been one of our most memorable tour days ever - the first time we saw Venice. ( except for Gregory...)