It's been a while since we've performed in the Cathedral in San Jose which was perfect for "La Serenissima" - very good sound, and full of light and air ( on a very warm evening.)The audience which comes to San Jose and Santa Clara is full of people who have been with us for so long - some since the beginning of Chanticleer - it's always a kind of homecoming. This program also brings out the early music fans - who are many, especially in the South Bay, Berkeley and Sacramento.




We couldn't resist a little more reminiscence of our day in Venice last winter, especially as Casey and Michael Axtell are doing their last few performances as members of Chanticleer. They will be with us through Chanticleer in Sonoma next week, of course, and then for the recording of our new album at the end of July. Tomorrow night and Sunday, though, are the last times they will suit up in white tie for a Chanticleer concert.