This concert was complicated in a few ways - a hall we'd never been in - which sounded better than we'd thought, an audience that went with the serious and questioning nature of the program, and various bits of technical stuff which, as we've said, we don't ordinarily have. In addition the program had three music directors - Kristina Boerger for Credo, Elena Sharkova for Jerusalem and Leather Stocking and Jace Wittig for the eponymous song, and Shawn Crouch's Garden of Paradise. We were repeating Garden of Paradise and Credo, in its entirety after several years. It's always rewarding to bring back new pieces. Shawn Crouch, Melissa Dunphy ( who wrote "What do you think I fought for?", and Brent Michael Davids were there, all of them right on the front row. So there was a certain amount of excitement in the air. We had always joked about being prepared to stop and start over in the matter of the film score. Elena started with the click track in only one ear, but carried on, and we didn't even know. No stopping and starting over! We will repeat tomorrow at the Koret in San Francisco, Tuesday in Berkeley and Wednesday in Atherton. The program seemed to provoke thought in the audience, and that's what we wanted!