Twice at the San Francisco Conservatory and once at the Osher JCC in San Rafael.  In both places audiences seemed charmed by the rather unlikely excursion which is our "Atlantic Crossing" program, as the interplay between us and the orchestra becomes more and more lively.  At the Osher JCC seating is cabaret style which added to the atmosphere we're trying to create.  Iris Stone, a violinist in the orchestra and an accomplished practioner of sprechstimme gives a haunting intro in German to the big Mack the Knife medley, entering through the audience and causing some consternation among them.  Which is all to the point.  In the Porgy and Bess medley, Cortez sings "Summertime," and Nadja responds  with "Bess you is my woman now".  Yesterday, Nadja felt that the pairing was worthy of a high five with Cortez during the enthusiastic applause.   .photo-10 photo-5