Yesterday we drove from Spokane to Missoula, Montana. Gregory reports: Matt Knickman led another excursion today to the Bison Range in Charlo, MT, about thirty miles out of Missoula. We saw bison more closely that we should have for two reasons: My misinterpretation of the map led us to the corral where the bison are being gathered, but we had to leave quickly or get in trouble. The second reason we were able to get a good look was that a farm nearby was raising the noble beast (for reasons, perhaps, that we didn't wish to contemplate.) The distant mountains enchanted us all, so I snapped the shot below only to realize later how it IS the cover of our 2003 CD "Our American Journey." This IS our American journey, and a fascinating one it is.

Pearl Jam had a concert tonight in Missoula. We can say without any doubt in our minds, that they can't have got a more enthusiastic reponse than we did. Our audience greeted us rambunctiously, gave us a standing ovation at the end of the first half and another at the end. We hadn't been here for about 20 years, but they reacted as if they knew us well. We had met a group from Missoula who had come to Spokane for our concert two nights ago, and we well remembered a group of High School kids from here who came to Portland last time we were there. So, as Brian said in his closing speech, 'we felt the love!' The audience's energy was contagious, and the sound in the sanctuary of St. Anthony's Catholic church was like the warm sound from a radio turned up - really enveloping for the audience - we wouldn't have imagined it, necessarily from a first look at it.

Our Northwestern idyll will end Tuesday night in Moscow - in the meantime, maybe a National Park...