We have the honor of being co-hosts ( with the San Francisco Girls Chorus) of the annual Chorus America conference being held in our city.  Close to 500 registrants have sold it out, and it's fun to see friends and colleagues and meet new choral people from all over the country.  We gave the opening concert last night, performing -among other things- pieces by three composers who were there to join us on stage after that set:  Mason Bates, Shawn Crouch, and Kirke Mechem.

Singing for an audience of choral directors and singers is special, of course.  It was the most quiet and attentive audience since maybe the  last time we were in Poland - where audiences are legendary. ( We're going there again in August.)

We all know that along with the information and practical assistance offered by the numerous seminars, panels, guest speakers and sessions, the most important part of any conference is seeing people.   The first social event of the conference was held in the Kanbar Center where we live after our concert.  Choral people are social people, by definition:  It promises to be a very convivial week.