One of the immutable facts of life in Chanticleer is that on the day after Thanksgiving we leave to begin our Christmas tour.  After celebrating Thanksgiving in various parts of the country ( here's the Curtis family in Milwaukee)

but mostly in San Francisco, we got on a plane for DC today.  As always, our first Christmas concert is at George Mason  University in Fairfax, Virginia.  After that it's New York (Metropolitan Museum of Art on Tuesday and Wednesday, and TODAY taping on Thursday,)  Westport, Conn, E. Lansing Michigan, Chicago, then home to the West Coast for many concerts in many places that we'll tell you about as we go along.  For those of you waiting for our TODAY appearance - we'll tape it next week, and let you know when it will be aired.  American Public Media will record  at Stanford University the following week, so you can hear the concert on the radio, if you can't get to us live.  

Back to you soon, happy Thanksgiving,  and Ho Ho Ho...