Our first concerts on this tour are for the Schleswig-Holstein Festival, where we last performed in 2008.  This was one of the first European festivals to engage Chanticleer, way way back, so it's a homecoming.

On this crossing to Europe (on Gregory's birthday) we tested the concept of leaving San Francisco at 9pm, to get to Munich at 4pm the following day.  Then a hop to Hamburg, an hour's drive to Kiel, and it would be l0pm.  In other words arriving just before bedtime.  We arrived without incident  in Kiel and we'll see how we like arriving at night rather than mid-afternoon.  Keil is on the sea rather close to Denmark; that's what we know so far.

The flight to Munich was smooth and uneventful, the hour to Hamburg was a bit bumpy ( it's raining all over Germany) and the usual waiting vans had to be stuffed with our stuff.

A day to recover and our first concert will be in Rendsburg on Thurday, followed by Plon on Friday.