At our auditions -which happen every year in February whether we have openings or not- we spend three days working with and getting to know men who would like to be in Chanticleer. We've all done it, some more than once.  What do we look for?  You have to have a voice which would be a good match for the other voices in the ensemble, know how to use it, read music and sight read very well, be conversant with as many foreign languages as possible,  flexible in as many musical styles as possible and have a gypsy in your soul.  Then once you're in, you have to figure out how to live the Chanticleer life as healthily as possible - exercise, eating right on the road,  taking whatever precautions against illness as you can, and getting enough sleep.

Staying fit is of major importance.  We all have different things we do - from insane workouts which can happen beside your bed in the motel, use of the hotel/motel gym, jogging, bicycling, and lifting weights.  As we head into the rigors of Christmas and winter touring in general, our resident weightlifter, Matt Knickman, is helping to egg some of us on to greater heights on our rehearsal breaks.