A Chanticleer Christmas has been happening in Petaluma since time began ( for Chanticleer) and there are those in this audience who remember over 30 years of concerts. That's a wonderful feeling. The Virgin of Guadeloupe, as always, was surrounded by roses; our several versions of Rosa das Rosas ( Alfonso X and Fredrik Sixten) were even more fitting. A 59 member delegation from Napa High School came - the 20th year of this tradition for them. It's a tradition in which our own Kory Reid participated when he was a choral singer under Travis Rogers at Napa High School, not so long ago. This was the debut of the version of our concert which we give twice in an evening, at 6 and 8.30. Both of them were completely sold out. If the concerts had been last Thursday we mightn't have made it as downtown Petaluma was under several feet of water. Lucky for us it was dry tonight, although rains began again as we left.




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