Every one survived his Christmas travels and came back pretty much ready to go.  Our first post Christmas tour began with a concert at Reed College in Portland, Oregon where Matt also worked with the West Linn and Wilsonville High Schools, and the Pacific Youth Choir ( which came to our National Youth Choral Festival last year.)

Now we're in Southern California -70-80 degrees and sunny. Enough said about the weather! Soon enough we'll be back in the real world - in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where Matt Curtis comes from and where it will be a suitable 15 degrees or so so we won't have to feel guilty about  not being under feet of snow like many of you. Tonight we spent some time in Pasadena with the Young Men's Ensemble of the L.A. Children's Chorus and their director Dr. Steven Kronauer.  Very impressive, and they've only existed for two years.  Congratulations to everybody concerned; we know that a lot of effort by many people goes into this kind of good work!   We especially enjoyed working with them on their unison version of Bellini's "Vanne o rosa fortunata"   and we hope we get to hear them again and follow their progress.