BRIAN HINMAN has been a part of Chanticleer for nearly fourteen years as both Tenor and Road Manager. In addition to performing on seven studio and twelve live recordings since joining in 2006, Brian has been involved in the production end of Chanticleer Records. He has recorded, edited, and/or mixed a number of Chanticleer’s live recordings and most notably was Co-Producer on Chanticleer’s pop/jazz album Someone New with Leslie Ann Jones and former Chanticleer member Jace Wittig. Brian is also thrilled to have written several pop, gospel, and jazz arrangements for the group in recent years. No stranger to committees and conference rooms, Brian has also served as Vice-President of the Board of Governors for the San Francisco Chapter of the Recording Academy, the organization that presents the GRAMMY Awards, and served as the Chair of their Advocacy Committee. Before joining Chanticleer, Brian built a background in theater, studied Vocal Performance at the University of Tennessee and studied jazz and acting in New York City.

Brian Hinman occupies the Tenor Chair, given by an Anonymous Donor.