Then and There, Here and Now

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Then and There, Here and Now Cover Art.jpg

Then and There, Here and Now


The 40th Anniversary Album
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Warner Classics is excited to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Chanticleer, “the world’s reigning male chorus” (The New Yorker), with a new recording, Then and There, Here and Now, to be released October 12. The group will tour the album around the world, with 52 performances across the United States, Europe, and Russia including stops in Dublin, Wexford, Paris, Luxembourg, Budapest, Prague, Hannover, Leipzig, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

Then and There, Here and Now, recorded at Skywalker Sound, features recordings of longtime ensemble favorites including works by Palestrina, Victoria, Stucky, Sametz, and Bates, and popular arrangements by Jennings, McGlynn and others. The recording represents the expansive aesthetic of Chanticleer’s repertoire, from the earliest music to the most recent, some of its favorite composers and arrangers, and the blend of male voices from soprano to contrabass that makes it unique.


1. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Motets, Book 5: Gaude gloriosa                
2. Orlando di Lasso 
Surrexit pastor bonus                        
3. William Byrd
Ave verum corpus                        
4. Steven Stucky
5. Allen Shearer
Nude descending a staircase                    
6. Thomas Morley
Now is the Month of Maying                    
7. Jacob Arcadelt
Il bianco e dolce cigno                        
8. Mason Bates
Stelle, vostra mercè l’eccelse sfere (from Sirens)        
9. William Hawley 
Io son la primavera                        
10. Antonio de Salazar, ed. by Craig H. Russell
Salve Regina                            
11. George Gershwin
Summertime (from Porgy and Bess)            
12. Michael McGlynn
13. Trad. Hungarian, arr. Stacy Garrop
Jarba, Mare Jarba                        
14. Sholom Secunda, arr. Brian Hinman
Bei mir bist du shein                        
15. James Woodie Alexander, arr. by J.H. Jennings
Straight Street                        
16. Traditional arr. By Robert Shaw
I want to die easy                        
17. Traditional Appalachian Folk Hymn, arr. By Robert Shaw/Alice Parker
Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal                
18. Traditional, arr. by J.H. Jennings 
Keep your hand on the plow                    
19. Steven Sametz
I Have Had Singing