Under the auspices of this program begun in 1986, Chanticleer’s 12 singers, Mr. Johns, and special guest artists pay visits to participating schools in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and work with choral students in grades 5-12 in a variety of educational activities (e.g. master classes, lecture-concerts, and skills-targeted lessons). SITS serves as a means of discovery for students new to singing (or to formal music instruction in general) and as a valuable source of expert training and inspiration for more advanced young singers.  Visits are sequentially designed to complement a schools music program.  Topics may include vocal technique, music theory, sight singing, solfege, music terminology, music history and ensemble-building exercises.  SITS visits are offered at no cost to Bay Area elementary, middle, and high schools. If you are a Bay Area School music director and wish to be included in Chanticleer’s SITS program, click here to email us (put your school name and “SITS” in the subject line).


Chanticleer: Open Door is a program for music teachers in the Bay Area.  Elementary, middle, and high school music teachers are invited to Chanticleer’s headquarters at the Kanbar Center, 44 Page Street, San Francisco, for a half-day of Chanticleer rehearsal observation and workshops aligned with arts education standards.  The Chanticleer open rehearsal is interactive.  Teachers are invited to sit or stand in between Chanticleer singers during rehearsal or move about the room.  At the end of rehearsal, teachers are allowed to ask questions of the Chanticleer Ensemble and Music Director. Following the open rehearsal, age-appropriate study guides linked to upcoming Chanticleer concerts are offered with other strategies for engaging the young singer.  In addition, ten choir directors will be invited to bring quartets of students to receive focused work on repertoire planned for festivals and competitions.  A day of Chanticleer rehearsal observation and singer interaction will be extended to an additional three student-run choral groups. If you are a Bay Area School music director and wish to be included in Chanticleer’s Open Door program, click here to email us (put your school name and “Open Door” in the subject line).


Concert Preparation is a program targeted especially (but not exclusively) for schools whose music programs may not support a choir.  In addition to receiving a ticket discount, students are engaged in an interactive class that explores the repertoire of an upcoming Chanticleer concert.  These lectures, which include historical background, style analysis, listening examples, and sight-readable excerpts, are planned with the hosting teacher to supplement existing curriculum.  Every Bay Area elementary, middle, and high school is eligible to receive this service free of charge. If you are a Bay Area School music director and wish to be included in Chanticleer’s Concert Preparation program, click here to email us (put your school name and “Concert Prep” in the subject line).  


In February 2010 Chanticleer gave their first-ever set of free Youth Concerts to Bay Area students.  A total of 757 students, many for the first time, got to hear Chanticleer live. Among the schools who came were Alvarado Elementary, West Portal Elementary, Bayshore Elementary, Garnet J. Robertson Intermediate, North Shoreview Montessori, Hoover Middle, Pacific Boychoir Academy, Mission High, International Studies High, El Camino High, Galileo Academy, and Lick-Wilmerding High School.

Each concert is tailored to fit the age and ability of the students.



This event requires an appropriate venue and works best for younger students or groups that do not have performance-ready repertoire.  A Lecture-Concert lasts approximately one hour and allows for questions to the Ensemble.